Why should I sign up for a free consultation?

We understand that as a parent you may have lots of anxious thoughts for your kids; is my kid really doing academically well? Should he get into popular institutes around to get better? Should I get him evaluated? My kid forgets his lessons very easily, does he need extra focus or should I hire a private tutor? Is my kid prepared for what lies ahead? etc.

If you are facing any of the above; we can help. Let us hear your part of the story and give you some free suggestions. We have seen many parents and kids starting from 4th grade to 12th grade under these circumstances and we will share our experience of how we helped unclogging them. The best part; our evaluation is free along with your first demo. Don’t worry about cheap marketing calls, we don’t do that or do not sell your information too.

Note: We do not provide counseling for any college admissions process. Our consultation is focussed towards advising parents and guardians on getting their students better and triage any difficulties in the path. Let our advisors be a resource for you.

Who should attend the consultation?

A parent or guardian and the student should attend the free consultation. We always recommend that the student is present so we can answer his or her questions and communicate the level of commitment required. After all, the student will be the one doing the work.

Are the consultations done in person?

Consultations are held virtually on Zoom. The details are sent prior in advance.

I am ready to sign up for a free consultation. What’s next?

Fill out the below form for scheduling a free consultation with one of our advisors. We will get in touch with you.