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This course will prepare students for AP Chemistry exam to be taken in May 2024. It will follow the official college board curriculum for AP chemistry.

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Atomic Structure and Properties Moles and molar mass, mass spectroscopy of elements, elemental composition of pure substances, composition of mixtures, atomic structure and electron configuration, photoelectron spectroscopy, periodic trends, valence electrons and ionic compounds.
Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties Types of chemical bonds, intramolecular force and potential energy, structure of ionic solids, structure of metals and alloys, Lewis diagrams, resonance and formal charge, VSEPR and bond hybridization
Intermolecular Forces and Properties Intermolecular forces, solids, liquids, and gases, kinetic molecular theory, solutions and mixtures, photoelectric effect.
Chemical Reactions Introduction for reactions, net ionic equations, representations of reactions, physical and chemical changes, stoichiometry, types of chemical reactions.
Kinetics Reaction rate, introduction to rate law, elementary reactions, collision model, introduction to reaction mechanisms, multistep reaction energy profile, and catalysis.
Thermodynamics Endothermic and exothermic processes, heat transfer and thermal equilibrium, heat capacity and calorimetry, energy of phase changes, introduction to enthalpy of reaction, enthalpy of formation, Hess’s law
Equilibrium Introduction to equilibrium, calculating the equilibrium constant, calculating equilibrium concentrations, introduction to Le Chatelier’s principle, introduction to solubility equilibria, pH and solubility, free energy of dissolution.
Acids and Bases Introduction to acids and bases, pH and pOH of strong acids and bases, acid-base reactions and buffers, molecular structure of acids and bases, pH and pK a , properties of buffers.
Applications of Thermodynamics Introduction to entropy, Gibbs free energy and thermodynamic favorability, thermodynamic and kinetic control free energy and equilibrium, galvanic (voltaic) and electrolyte cells, electrolysis and Faraday’s law.


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