Algebra Ⅰ & Integrated Math Ⅰ Online Prep Course
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About the Course

Algebra Ⅰ is the introductory course in the typical high school level mathematics sequence. It covers Linear equations, inequalities, functions, and graphs; Systems of equations and inequalities; Extension of the concept of a function; Exponential models; and Quadratic equations, functions, and graphs.

Integrated Math Ⅰ - Math Ⅰ is an "integrated" course with a blend of Algebra and Geometry. It covers the topics taught in Algebra 1 and further includes some Introductory statistics; and Geometric transformations and congruence.

Why Math Ⅰ & Algebra Ⅰ together?

Integrated Mathematics Ⅰ is quite similar to Algebra Ⅰ but not exactly the same curriculum. In the traditional pathway, geometry is its own course. In the integrated pathway, geometry standards are included in all Integrated Math courses. he course would cover all the areas of Algebra 1 curriculum and extend the included geometry portion to cover the entire course for Integrated Math students as well.

About WinQuest Online

WinQuest Online provides Live classes which are affordable & involve open communication between the teacher and the student. With our interactive teaching method, the classes feel very natural. Highly qualified tutors, convenient time slots and a small group of students makes the education experience lively just like the physical classes. This unique mix of traditional & modern teaching styles is what makes us one of a kind!

Course content

Algebra foundations Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 2 Hours
Solving equations & inequalities Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 3 Hours
Working with units Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 1 Hour
Linear equations & graphs Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 2 Hours
Forms of linear equations Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 1 Hour
Systems of equations Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 2 Hours
Inequalities (systems & graphs) Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 2 Hours
Functions Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 3 Hours
Sequences Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 1 Hour
Exponents & radicals Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 1 Hour
Exponential growth & decay Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 1 Hour
Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 3 Hours
Quadratic functions & equations Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 3 Hours
Irrational numbers Math Ⅰ Alg - Ⅰ 1 Hour
Scatterplots Math Ⅰ 2 Hours
Data distributions Math Ⅰ 1 Hour
Two-way tables Math Ⅰ 1 Hour
Performing transformations Math Ⅰ 2 Hours
Transformation properties and proofs Math Ⅰ 2 Hours
Congruence Math Ⅰ 1 Hour
Analytic geometry Math Ⅰ 2 Hours


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SAT will change to digital version from 2024 onwards but will remain in pen/paper format for Aug/Oct/Nov/Dec 2023 SAT. All PSAT's in 2023 onwards are in digital version. Hence, there are 2 different groups for Pen/Paper SAT and Digital PSAT/SAT. Students are advised to enroll in the suitable group.