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About the Course

Precalculus is a math course that prepares students for college and career readiness who plan to pursue a calculus-based course in the future, such as AP Calculus AB/BC in high school, or Business Calculus, calculus-based physics, etc. in postsecondary. Precalculus extends upon learning from Geometry and Algebra II, focusing on trigonometry, polynomial, radical, rational, and exponential functions, and conic sections.
Precalculus emphasizes mathematical analysis rather than just the memorization of facts. The topics that are covered in precalculus encourage students to use problem solving and prepare them for future pursuits that may include STEM (science/technology/engineering/math) careers.

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WinQuest Online provides Live classes which are affordable & involve open communication between the teacher and the student. With our interactive teaching method, the classes feel very natural. Highly qualified tutors, convenient time slots and a small group of students makes the education experience lively just like the physical classes. This unique mix of traditional & modern teaching styles is what makes us one of a kind!

Course content
Complex Numbers 2 Hours
Polynomials 2 Hours
Composite Functions 3 Hours
Trigonometry 3 Hours
Vectors 3 Hours
Matrices 3 Hours
Series 3 Hours
Conic sections 3 Hours
Probability and combinatorics 3 Hours
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SAT will change to digital version from 2024 onwards but will remain in pen/paper format for Aug/Oct/Nov/Dec 2023 SAT. All PSAT's in 2023 onwards are in digital version. Hence, there are 2 different groups for Pen/Paper SAT and Digital PSAT/SAT. Students are advised to enroll in the suitable group.